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The 1972


We have been generously gifted a house from another non-profit of A&M Church. They no longer need the space and AFC is going to turn it into a place for small groups, student hang outs, study times, mission meetings and general outreach. We are so excited and grateful for God's provision and guidance here. Thank you for your willingness to help with this project. We are constantly reminded of how the Lord has worked through Aggies for Christ for the last 51 years and we are excited for the years to come. 

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IMG_2927 2.HEIC
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IMG_2808 2.HEIC

We have really big dreams for what will happen in this house. We are grateful to the Lord for how He has carried and led AFC for so many years. 

Any part you choose to play in this project will be appreciated and cherished.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Brian Miller ( or Hayden Liebl (

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